Spot Welding Electrodes For Robotic Welding Gun

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Spot Welding Electrodes

Are you looking for Resistance welding consumables - spot welding electrodes at 
one place, here you go.....
PARENTNashikNashik offers spot welding electrodes tips in different shape, style with threaded or taper as per international standards made in Chromium copper 
zirconium - C-18150 - group-A for spot welding gun, portable rocker arm welders 
& robotics gun.

PARENTNashikNashik Electrodes types – Cap tip, straight, single & double 
bend electrodes, threaded – screwed, composite, crank, swivel, nut & stud, 
projection, tungsten & tungsten copper faced, BS807 electrode tips, flat, centre, 
offset, angle offset, cranked, spade, jobbing, reducing, ISO electrode tips, PSA 
style electrodes & many more.

 Why PARENTNashik

#Quick Delivery #Best Price #Excellent Quality.

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Spot Welding Shank

Spot Welding Shank for Spot Welding Gun, Robotic Welding, Portable Rocker Arm  Spot Welders

PARENTNashik offers spot welding electrodes shank & holder in different shape, style as per international standards made in Chromium copper zirconium | C-18150 | group-A | & Beryllium Copper | C-17510 | group-A for spot welding gun, portable welder & robot gun. 

These shanks are supplied along with water cooling tube, ’O’ ring, 

water distributor. Also shanks are available with class-4 insert 

dully brazed & PEEK fitted. 

PARENTNashik is expert in making various custom type shanks,

holders for your any type of portable welders from Cold forming 

process in minimum production cost & quick supply all over the world. 

Presently PARENT shanks are being used by leading automobile 

manufacturer in Europe, US & Asia.

PARENTNashik Electrodes Shank – robotics holder types – 

Straight, Single bend, double bend, 3D, Stem straight 

#Quick Delivery #Best Price #Excellent Quality

Spot Welding Shank -Straight

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spot welding electrodes for weld shop

PARENTNashik - Your welding partner for spot welding gun spares, parts : 

Paramount Enterprises with a renowned brand .PARENTNashik is an 

ISO 9001:2015 certified company, listed in top leading 

manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of resistance spot 

welding consumables, weldparts spares in Nashik – India.

During 2017, PARENTNashik is nominated for

India 5000 Best MSME award-2017 and 

WeldingWorldAwards -2018.

.PARENTNashik offers Resistance spot welding gun spares,

consumables & accessories for portable welders, spot welding 

guns, projection & seam welder, machines – robotics etc.

Why PARENTNashik –

     1)    Product know how more than 20 years of experience in 
           resistance spot welding

2)    Design, optimization & production of special spares, parts

3)    Products that meet all international quality standards & 

4)    Production line having next generation CNC machinery.

5)    Timely delivery

6)    Express production service available

7)    Delivery anywhere.

Spot Welding Electrodes - PARENTNashik

Spot Welding Adapter - PARENTNashik

Spot Welding Shank - PARENTNashik

Spot Welding Gun Arm - PARENTNashik

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